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Plans to construct Chollet Hydropower Dam in Cameroon gain pace

The construction of Chollet Hydropower Dam in Cameroon has received a new breath after the signing of a major agreement.

Minister of Water Resources and Energy, Basile Atangana Kouna and the Minister of Energy and Hydraulics of the Republic of Congo, Henri Ossebi have signed agreements to speed up the project.

According to the minister the project which is expected to boost the power production of the country will be carried out and the time frame set for the same will be highly kept.

The Dam project that will be constructed on River Dja in the South Region of Cameroon will be constructed by Cameroon and Congolese government since they will all benefit upon the completion of the project.

Ossebi added that in January 2016 they will be reviewing the feasibility of Plans to construct Chollet Hydropower Dam in Cameroon with the Bank of Central African States.
He explained that this was to ensure that financial resources mobilised by both parties and lodged in an independent account could start funding the operations of the project pending the drafting of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies that will allow for the development of a business plan from where funding partners could be identified.
The project will be ready to kick off 18 months after January 2016 after the project cost estimates have been done and equivocated.
The minister said they will identify the company to work on the construction site in the next 16-18 months.


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