Plans Underway for Construction of New Clarksville Public Garage in Tennessee, USA

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Plans are underway for the development of a new Clarksville Public Garage in Tennessee, right across the street from the under-construction 6000-seat F&M Bank Arena. The cost of the project for the construction of the Clarksville public garage in Tennessee is estimated at US$ 26M and the development will take place at the corner of College and First Streets, on a portion of land donated by the Hand family.

The new Clarksville Public Garage in Tennessee is expected to offer 724 parking spaces, which will assist in reducing parking issues in the downtown area, especially with the new 6,000-seat arena that is being built in close proximity. The Hand family’s planned Riverview Square and their  Riverview Inn Suites will be located on the same block as this new garage.

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Joe Pitts, the Clarksville Mayor mentioned that the selected site for the new garage would be accessible primarily to Franklin Street and surrounding areas. He also said the project is expected to be completed and fully operational by the summer of 2023.

Funding for the Clarksville Public Garage

Part of the funding for the new Clarksville Public Garage, according to Curtis Johnson, a Deputy Speaker in Clarksville, is coming from a $14 million grant approved by the state of Tennessee for Montgomery County.

One of the people who pushed for the project’s funding was Senator Bill Powers, and he pointed out that having a garage on one side of the city’s downtown area, along with another newly planned garage on the other side, would play a huge role in improving the current parking situation in Clarksville.

Bill Powers also mentioned that the geographical locations of both garages were quite optimal, especially with the new Clarksville Public Garage located close to the arena and the other garage being next to Roxy.

Jim Durrett, the Montgomery county Mayor gave his thanks to  Bill Powers, Curtis Johnson, and  Rep. Jason Hodges for bringing home this funding opportunity. The mayor also described the Clarksville Public Garage project as another big step towards the revitalization of the community.