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Programs to increase private sector investment in renewable energy in Burundi

Early this month, (October 2021), two programs dubbed EDFI ElectriFI (Electrification Financing Initiative) and GET.invest were launched in a bid to increase private sector investment in renewable energy in Burundi, and subsequently accelerate access to renewable energy and energy efficiency in the East African country.

The programs were launched particularly by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines, and the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) in Burundi.

About the programs to increase private sector investment in renewable energy in Burundi

By creating a close to US$ 11M Country Window for Burundi, EDFI ElectriFI is committed to ensuring the EU-funding serves electrification efforts in one of the African countries with the lowest electrification rate. Established in close collaboration with EU delegations and with the support of national governments, the Country Windows proved to be efficient tools to ensure access to clean energy for the people in greatest needs.

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H.E. Claude Bochu, Ambassador of the EU to Burundi said “With the law on the liberalization of the energy sector, Burundi has established a legal framework favorable to private sector investments. The EDFI ElectriFI window coupled with the technical assistance provided by GET.invest have the mission to further support these investments.

I am very pleased that Burundi is among the first African countries to benefit from such initiatives owing to a dedicated national envelope. I, therefore, encourage private sector actors involved in the energy sector to seize this opportunity that the EU is putting in place in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of energy in Burundi, and to invest in the East African country, to help achieve the objectives of the National Development Plan 2018-2027,” concluded the ambassador.

The launch ceremony of the EDFI ElectriFI and GET.invest programs was followed by a technical workshop, aimed at presenting experiences implementing these programs in other countries of sub-Saharan Africa, in particular East Africa, to the public and private sectors.

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