Project for expansion of Arjas Steel Plants in India kicks off

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Arjas Steel has officially kicked off expansion works for two of its steel plants in India. The first plant is in Andhra Pradesh’s Tadipatri Anantapur district while the second, Arjas Modern Steel, is at Mandi Gobindgarh in Punjab.

For the Tadipatri plant, the scope of work features the development of a state-of-the-art KOCKS sizing block, from Germany. The block will help the plant enhance quality as well as throughput.

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Additionally, the sizing block will serve as a garret coiler line that produces specialty in coil form. Meanwhile, for the Punjab plant, works feature the development of a brand-new emission control system alongside critical, and top-tier quality, assurance systems.

Formerly known as Gerdau Steel India, Arjas Steel will invest well up to Rs 350 crore in the Arjas Steel plant in Andhra Pradesh. For the Arjas Modern Steel plant in Mandin Gobindgarh, the leading iron and steel manufacturer will invest Rs. 260 crores.

Aim for the Arjas Steel Plant expansion project

As a whole, the Arjas Steel Plant expansion project strives to greatly improve steel making as well as rolling upon operation after completion. Currently, the Andhra plant has got a capacity of 300,000 tons annually.

On the other hand, the Plant in Punjab operates at a level of 100,000 tons annually. As a result of the project, the plant’s total capacity will be boosted to 550,000 tons.

Thus far, and quite impressively, Arjas Steel has been responsible for the development of various alloy, carbon, and micro-alloy steels. The steels produced feature diverse profiles including round-corned squares, flat bars, rounds as well as hexagonal bars.

The steel bars play a significant role in critical applications within the defense, energy, and railways amongst other growing sectors within the Indian economy.