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Pupkewitz to Build Onandjokwe Hospital Offices in Namibia

Last Monday, the Pupkewitz Foundation handed over the site for the construction of the new heads of departments offices for the Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital. The building of the administrative block has begun, according to the hospital’s medical superintendent Akutu Munyika, and is expected to be finished in six months at the cost of N$2.5 million.

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Necessity of Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital Offices

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Munyika said that the Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital lacks sufficient offices in which department heads and their deputies may execute administrative activities critical to students’ and interns’ evaluations, as well as gather and maintain data relevant to departmental statistics for overall quality improvement. Thousands of interns and medical students from across the world are trained at the facility. Munyika stated that the facility, which would include eight offices, a communal bathroom, and a tiny boardroom for urgent meetings, will be beneficial to them. He also emphasized the importance of statistics and administrative expertise in carrying out individual departmental changes and providing better services to our health professionals and the general public.

Regional health director Joshua Nghipangelwa of Oshikoto urged companies to continue to assist and meet the government halfway. He went on to say that he was sincerely humbled and appreciative for all of the partnerships’ immense contributions and support, which he said will continue to work relentlessly around the clock in our joint endeavours.

Meryl Barry, the chief executive officer of the Pupkewitz Foundation, said that caring for the country and contributing to Namibia’s well-being has always been part of their company’s culture. She explained that the foundation’s beliefs as a family will be reflected in this endeavour, as well as what they think their obligation to society as company owners and citizens are. The foundation takes pleasure in being enthusiastic about education and development, healthcare, religion, cultural preservation, and anti-corruption initiatives in the country.

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