Rabat-Sale Airport Modernization and Extension Project (PEMARS), Morocco

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The government of Morocco is reportedly looking for a contractor to install facial recognition technology (FRT) systems in Rabat-Sale Airport. The airport, which is currently undergoing a modernization and extension project, will be the first of its kind in North Africa Country to have face biometrics.

The FRT systems in question will be supplied by One ID. The tender notification (103-22-A00) was published in early August 2022 and it closes on September 15.

Scope of the work

The work has been described as the installation and maintenance of a “passenger journey digitization system.”

It includes the development of an app with which people new to the system can enroll. The app would give travelers access to 52 self-service biometric registrations. In addition, it will give information to bag drop terminals, information kiosks, secure hall access doors, and boarding systems.

Only the eight information kiosks are not required to include biometric technology.

Project Overview

Rabat-Sale Airport Modernization and Extension Project (PEMARS) is a part of the National Airport Master Plan up to 2035 (Ajwae 2035). The project targets an increase in Rabat-Salé airport’s capacity and the improvement of the quality of service to passengers and users. In addition, it aims to contribute to tourism and economic development of the project impact area (PIA).

It will, therefore, include the construction works and equipment of a new terminal. It also involves the construction works of related facilities in addition to the supply and installation of terminal security and safety equipment.

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The Rabat-Sale Airport Modernization and Extension Project implementation align with efforts to develop the transport sector. These efforts include continued upgrading and modernization of infrastructure and services. Consequently, they’ll boost the logistical competitiveness of the North African country’s economy.

Significance of the Rabat-Salé Airport Modernization and Extension Project (PEMARS)

The PEMARS will bequeath the Kingdom’s capital with facilities that meet users’ needs and contribute to the development of the country’s air transport infrastructure. The project conforms to different sector policies. These policies include the Logistics Strategy that aims to position Morocco as the regional logistics hub in Africa.

The policies also include the Tourism Vision 2020 which targets 20 million tourists by that date. In addition, the Tourism Vision 2020 will have a strong impact on air traffic development. The Industrial Acceleration Strategy is also a part of the policies. It targets the successful acceleration of industrialization through ecosystems-based development. Moreover, it will also contribute to economic growth through the development of freight, logistics competitiveness, and tourism. In turn, this will create jobs and nudge up the GDP.

Reported earlier

Aug 2022

Moldtech supplies equipment for the construction of the new terminal at Rabat-Sale Airport in Morocco

In the year 2020 Moldtech signed an agreement with the Menasteel company, located in the industrial zone of Bouznika, Morocco. The objective was the production and installation of equipment that will allow the client to produce all the precast elements for the construction of the new Rabat-Sale Airport terminal.

The supplied equipment has been installed on the Rabat-Sale Airport site, with the aim of centralizing production in this large project, and once the work has been completed, transfer all the equipment to the new industrial plant that Menasteel will install in Casablanca.

Moldtech has supplied a 100 m long self-supporting TT slab mold; an 80-meter-long universal prestressing system, including 600 tons anchorages, to produce L, T, and rectangular beams; a simple column mold with corbels and a tilting table. All this equipment will allow Menasteel to produce the precast concrete elements for the construction of the parking buildings and the new terminal.

Moldtech and Menasteel’s collaboration enables timely work delivery amidst the Covid 19 pandemic 

This project has been developed during a pandemic, but with a close collaboration between Moldtech and Menasteel, which has allowed us to move forward with the equipment installation work and carry out the commissioning in record time.

Menasteel is a company that has been able to take advantage of the benefits and the great competitiveness offered by precast concrete systems compared to metal structures, something that can be seen in Morocco and in many other countries with a growing demand for precast equipment.

Once the work on the new Rabat-Sale Airport terminal has been completed, the Menasteel company will focus its production on the construction of industrial buildings, logistics centers, car parks, shopping centers, and special large buildings.