Reconstruction of School Junction-Tema motorway road in Ghana on track

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The Reconstruction of the School Junction-Tema motorway (University Farms Road) project in Borteyman in the Greater Accra Region is still under progress. In April 2022, Messrs Oswal Construction Company Limited was awarded the project’s contract. The estimated completion time is 18 months.

For the 13th All Africa Games in August 2023, the government’s key initiative intends to increase connectivity near the Borteyman Sports Complex. In addition, it entails the development of access and service roads. As well as street lighting, signs, and markings for the roadways.

When Kwasi Amoako-Atta, the Minister of Roads and Highways, visited the site in September of this year as part of a normal inspection of road projects in the Greater Accra area, Humphrey A. Williams, the contractor’s agent, gave him a briefing.

Williams claimed that the earthworks had been built along about 5 kilometers of the route, and he calculated that the road was about 70% complete. The final kilometer would be completed considerably sooner than expected, in the upcoming weeks.

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Remarks on the Reconstruction of School Junction-Tema motorway

Williams continued, “Dressing and asphalting materials are prepared, and we won’t let down the government or the ministry. Given the importance linked to the project and the fact that the game’s village will be under scrutiny.”

Amoako- Atta’s entourage also included Roosevelt Otoo, the Director of Feeder Roads, Amoo Gottfried, the Director of Urban Roads, and Christian Nti, the Chief Director of the Ghana Highway Authority. There was also Alhaji Dr. Awullo Abbas, the Ministry’s Chief Director (GHA).

Amoako-Atta also appreciated the contractor’s efforts and the progress made so far. The Minister informed the contractor that the government was committed to providing them with funds. To enable the timely completion of the Reconstruction of the School Junction-Tema motorway. The government would also support the contractors’ skill upgrading.

He remarked, “We must adequately empower our own in order for them to do better than their overseas rivals.”

Furthermore, Amoako-Atta praised the oversight of construction site personnel to make sure they adhere to standards.