Red Light – Guinea road construction project is progressing well

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The road construction project to link Red Light in Liberia to Gbarnga and then to Guinea border, which is expected to cost US$250m, is progressing well. Liberia’s Public Works Minister W. Gyude Moore said during his inspection of the highway project that it will boost the country’s economy once complete.

During his tour, the Liberia Public works minister expressed his satisfaction on the progression of work of the road construction project, which is being undertaken by China International Corporation (CICO) and the China Henan International Corporation Group (CHICO).

“It is already making impact, reducing the length of time spent on the road,” he added.

He said tremendous progress was being made on re-paving of the decrepit Red Light-Gbarnga-Guinea Border highway. According to him, the road construction project aims at easing traveling cost and time, as well as boosting the country’s economy as well as better delivery of goods and social services. The road paving is worth about US$250 million.

The minister was accompanied by Public Works Committees of the two Houses of the National Legislature, as well as World Bank and EU envoys. The country also announced it would soon start off rehabilitation of the Somalia Drive (Gardnersville Road). The latter would help rehabilitate damaged sections and widen road shoulders as the Japanese government funded two-lane road was being awaited. The minister reported talking to the contractor and Japanese government to kickstart the road construction project this May, according to earlier reports.

The country was also expecting Caldwell Bridge to be completed by August this year, with the minister having requested that workers attend two shifts. The country’s construction sector had been hit by Ebola outbreak, with this project experiencing delays due to the same. Liberia reported having injected US$5.8 earlier this year, to be spent on road construction projects, through the Community Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP).