Rehabilitation of water systems in Angola to proceed

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Angola’s ministry of Energy and Water is planning to improve and build on projects which will help in increasing the rate of supply of drinking water by 100 percent in the capitals of Angola provinces. The rehabilitation of water systems in Angola will also help increase supply of drinking water to 85 percent in rural areas by the end of 2017.

According to Minister of Energy and Water João Baptista Borges, 80 percent of urban areas will have improved sanitation by late 2017 following improved of water systems in Angola. This is in line with the National Development Plan for 2013/2017.

The water project involving the rehabilitation of water systems was discussed by João Baptista Borges when opening the 4th Advisory Council of MINEA.

Water systems in cities of Menongue, Luena, Dundo, Saurimo, Sumbe, ondjiva and Namibe w were being prepared and will be affected by the rehabilitation programme. By the end of 2015, more than 150 billion cubic meters of water will be supplied through the Stabilization Plan of the Water Supply Company of Luanda (EPAL). 750 thousand households will also get water connections following the planned improvement of water systems in Angola.