Renewal of 2017 certificates with Kenya Federation of Master Builders

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The Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB) wishes to inform all Kenyan contractors registered with KFMB that their certificates are due for renewal.

KFMB has since 2004 been in the forefront in highlighting construction industry issues. It has successfully lobbied for acceptance of bid security and performance bonds issued by Insurance firms in the construction value chain thereby lowering the cost of bidding by contractors. KFMB also participated in the drafting of PPOA Act which has brought order in the procurement processes.

KFMB’s major achievement was among other stakeholders, the drafting and lobbying for the National Construction Authority Bill. The National Construction Authority has since been mandated to regulate and oversee the development of the construction industry.
The federation therefore requests all contractors to make the necessary payments for New Compliance Certificate for the year 2017. This will make it easier for them to update their records.

Payments should be done using the details provided below;

Annual Renewal Fee is Kshs. 3,000/=
Bank details: Equity Bank, Westlands Branch
Kenya Federation of Master Builders
A/C No. 0550260903011

Safaricom Pay bill Number: 979400 Account Number put company name


1. Renewal Certificates will be issued immediately after the payments are made.
2. Any enquiries can be made by calling KFMB Office on: 0710-660212 or email: [email protected]
3. All complaints be addressed to: [email protected] and will be addressed accordingly.
• To promote measures and take steps that may consider advisable for the protection of the interests of its members.
• To promote and encourage consultations between and amongst our members on matters connected with developments and emerging technology in the construction industry.
• To engage in private public dialogue on behalf of contractors
• To promote continuous professional development amongst members and hence raise the bar in the building industry.
• To formulate and uphold the highest standards of construction business ethics by encouraging fair practices and efficiency among our members.
• To provide facilities for the study, enquiry and research into building and construction matters and publicizing the results.
• To promote training courses on the principles and practices in the building industry.
• To work together with the government, the public procurement entities and regulators in order to promote professionalism in the construction industry.
• It is important to know the genesis of events in the construction industry so as to acknowledge the purpose of this Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB).