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Rolls-Royce to install the largest mtu EnergyPack QG battery storage system in Netherlands

Rolls-Royce has been given a turnkey contract to supply and install a large-scale MTU EnergyPack QG battery storage system to the Dutch energy company Semper Power in Vlissingen. The order also includes general contractor services, as well as building and infrastructure construction.

Semper Power designs and operates energy storage systems for developers of wind and solar farms, distribution grid operators, and industrial customers.

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The large-scale battery storage system will have a size of 30 megawatts and a storage size of 60 megawatt-hours. Consequently, it will be used for grid frequency regulation in the Netherlands. Thus, it will integrate electricity from renewable energy sources into the public grid.

When fully charged, the system has the capacity to supply electrical energy to 8,000 households for an entire day.

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The MTU EnergyPack QG battery storage system

The MTU QG EnergyPack storage solution from Rolls-Power Royce’s Systems business unit is made up of 168 battery units. It also has 7 inverters, and the intelligent control platform MTU EnergetIQ. It will be the largest energy storage system in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the EU when it is completed in spring 2023.

“We see it as our responsibility to hasten the energy transition. Thus, we achieve this through the use of energy storage systems. This will store surplus sustainable energy and release it when the market requires it. We are happy to have discovered Rolls-Royce as a partner who, with its best solutions, is pulling in the same direction as us “Dennis Schiricke, CEO of SemperPower B.V., elaborated.

Rolls-Royce has recently begun offering mtu EnergyPack QG large-scale storage solutions to go with its battery container solutions. These are made up of modular units for size and power that can be configured to any size.

Among the parts are integrated battery cabinets and the mtu EnergetIQ intelligent control system. They are primarily used for grid services, energy trading, and renewable energy integration. They can be flexibly adapted to project-specific services and capacities due to their modular design and high energy density. The mtu EnergetIQ control platform provides superior performance and flexibility.

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