Rwanda allocates US $5m for construction of mobile bridges

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The government of Rwanda has allocated US $5m for construction of two mobile bridges for intervention in case floods and landslides damage roads and bridges in the country.

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning has announced Uzziel Ndagijiman announced the reports and said the money is part of a proposed 2019/2020 fiscal year budget of US $3bn out of which infrastructure tops the list.

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Mobile bridges

The Finance Minister said major projects in infrastructure include building and expanding roads as well as bridges which include mobile bridges among other infrastructure to improve the transport sector.

Figures by the Ministry of Emergency indicate that from January to May 2018, heavy rains destroyed about 50 bridges and 60 roads while in 2017 over 13 roads and 49 bridges were also damaged.

“Building mobile bridges will come in handy because when bridges are damaged by landslides and flooding, it affects movement of goods. Last year, damages caused by natural calamities cost Rwanda more than US $225m. US $12m Gatare Tea Factory in Nyamasheke District rejected four tonnes of tea leaves over deterioration because of delays caused by the destruction of bridges and roads due to heavy rains in 2018,” said Ndagijiman.

Controlling flooding

Additionally the Minister said that other the government is reinforcing other measures in controlling flooding. This include bridges expansion and building of ponds. The Government will build two wide and high bridges so that water from Mpazi water drain can easily pass through without overflowing the bridge into the roads and business. The ponds will be built on water catchments that retain water from hilly sides such as Mount Kigali before allowing slow flowing to avoid flooding.

The Uzziel Ndagijiman also said that about US $209m has been allocated to goods and public transport including constructing, rehabilitating and expanding different roads across the country.

The major projects are construction of Pindura-Bweyeye road in Rusizi district and construction of Satinsyi-Rubagabaga Bridge in Ngororero district. The budget will also help to streamline public transport in Kigali city and build feeder roads which will help to supply agriculture produce to markets countrywide.