Rwanda: Electricity distribution get boost from new high voltage substation

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The electricity distribution network in Rwanda has received a boost following the successful completion of the installation of three high voltage substations; a 220kV SE at Mamba, a 220/110 / 11kV at Rwabusoro SE, and a 220/110 / 11kV SE at Bugesera.

These facilities were built by EFACEC Power Solutions, the largest Portuguese corporation in the field of energy, engineering, and mobility. Efacec was chosen in 2017 by STEG International Services Company, the winning consortium of the international tender launched by the Republic of Rwanda to implement the project of engineering, supply, supervision, and commissioning of the three new substations on a turn-key basis.

The Portuguese firm said that it was selected based on its technical abilities and skills in High Tension Substations.

The responsibility bestowed to Efacec by STEG

As per the contract, Efacec was responsible for carrying out all electrical studies, including selectivity studies; integration of the three new substations in the dispatch; schematic design and configuration of all elements of the command, control, and protection system; supply of various equipment (high, medium and low voltage, SCCP, telecommunications, chargers, and batteries); sea ​​and land transportation of equipment to Rwanda; supervision of assembly work; general commissioning of the three substations and assistance with putting the facilities into service.

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The equipment used in the command, control, and protection system and in the central control system was mostly made by Efacec.

Significance of the substations

The three substations will mainly help contribute to the goal of full electrification in the East African country by 2023.

They are also essential for Rwanda’s economic and social development through the distribution of power. Particularly the installments will transport the 80MW produced at the Hakan Mamba Power Station to the national electricity grid, to supply the new International Airport and the Bugesera Industrial Park.