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Rwanda inaugurates US $24m Mount Kigali substation

The government of Rwanda has officially inaugurated Mount Kigali Substation as the country targets universal electricity access by 2024.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony the Minister for Infrastructure, Claver Gatete acknowledged the contribution of the substation upgrade pointing it out as an improvement in reliability of power supplied in the country.

“The energy sector continues to grow in electricity generation, transmission and distribution. The government expectation is to surpass its current  target universal access of 46.4%.”

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Mount Kigali substation

Mount Kigali substation funded by the European Union at a tune of US $24m grant, and begun in 2013. The station was upgraded with two transformers of 20MVA each, replacing the old 10 MVA transformers, which could not cope with the demand during peak hours, sometimes leading to power outages.

Additionally, the upgrade is part of the Grid Reduction Project, which targets to reduce annual power losses from 19.6%. Government looks to reduce power loses by 1 per cent every year. It will supply electricity in Nyamirambo in Kigali and in neighboring districts of Bugesera, Kamonyi and big parts of Muhanga District.

“The European Union has tirelessly supported our Government programs. We are now seeing improvement in the reliability of the power supplied in the City of Kigali thanks to the Grid Loss Reduction Project funded by the European Union.” said Claver Gatete.



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