Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center in Los Angeles Breaks Ground

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The Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center project under which a permanent museum that will house the only one of the three surviving space shuttles, the Endeavour, has broke grounds in Los Angeles, a sprawling Southern California city.

Developed at the California Science Center, the project will most likely take three years to build, but the inside will take longer. An opening date has not been set. The Endeavour, which will be displayed with its nose pointed to the stars and fully linked to the only original orange external fuel tank and twin solid rocket boosters, will be transported inside the structure around halfway through construction, and the remainder of the facility will subsequently be completed.

The California Science Center Foundation has already raised $280 million of its $400 million EndeavourLA Campaign objective, thanks to the assistance of the State of California and countless charities, individuals, and corporate supporters.

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Expectations for the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center project

The Air and Space Center, which will stand 20 stories tall, will house an impressive collection of aircraft and spacecraft that have been carefully chosen to provide a dynamic and fun learning experience while illustrating key concepts for each of its three multi-level galleries – Air, Space, and Shuttle – that span four floors and 100,000 square feet of exhibit space.

“That’s the view we’re going to provide folks – they’ll be right at the launchpad’s base, staring up at this shuttle stack.” It’s nearly overpowering in its size. And I believe that will inspire a large number of individuals. There are just a few experiences like that throughout the world where you can see something of that magnitude, that’s genuine, and that’s been so important to our study of the cosmos,” said California Science Center President Jeffrey Rudolph.