Sitra Logistics Park project in Bahrain breaks ground

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The Bahrain Sitra Logistics Park project has officially begun following a groundbreaking ceremony held by the developer.

On the sidelines of the groundbreaking ceremony EDAMAH, signed a $7 million lease agreement with Trident Warehousing. The agreement concerns 8,137 square meters of the entire 87,382 square meters of Sitra Logistics Park. 

Sitra Logistics Park will include an array of facilities that are for logistical, industrial as well as commercial use. These facilities will facilitate its aims to serve as a facility that meets operational as well as technical needs and demands.

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Moreover, the development aims to serve as a one-stop shop for all logistical needs, warehouses, and office spaces. It will also serve as a distribution center in an effort to enhance production capacities.

The Sitra Logistics Park project team 

EDAMAH will be working on the world-class warehousing facility in partnership with Trident Warehousing alongside Hoover Circular Solutions, their business associate. The leading provider of the sustainable package and fell management solutions is based in Texas, USA.

Economic Development Board (EDB), Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), and Poullaides Construction Company are also a part of the project team. This is in addition to Ansari Engineering Services and DG Jones.

The CEO of EDAMAH spoke about the Sitra Logistics Park project first, expressing excitement about its commencement. Amin Al Arrayed also said that the project is of national strategic importance.

Reportedly, the project perfectly aligns with the goal to ‘build for Bahrain’ especially through contributing to the economy as well as responding to market needs. The logistics park will also support Bahrain’s growing logistics industry and as a result, attract foreign investment and create job opportunities.