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SoLa Vermont Apartment Complex Construction in Los Angeles Begins

The construction of the SoLa Vermont Apartment Complex, the latest mixed-income apartment complex by SoLa Impact, a prominent Los Angeles-based real estate development business, has begun in the unincorporated neighbourhood of Westmont. SoLa has obtained permission for a new five-story residential building on the southwest intersection of 110th Street and Vermont Avenue.

The finished low-rise project will include 84 one-bedroom apartments, including 21 units of permanent supportive and deed-restricted affordable housing. The project is being designed by The Architects Collective and will be made up of prefabricated modular components built overseas and installed on-site. On the bottom floor of the L-shaped structure, there will be a lobby, a common area, a laundry facility, and social services offices. A modest parking lot is proposed for the property’s backyard.

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“As the light slot generated by the living room window is mirrored and layered, a sequence of five-foot-wide light wells provide a consistent rhythm to the building façade. The use of light-gauge steel framing for modular construction is a significant architectural innovation that provides improved endurance and convenience of installation compared to traditional wood-frame modules “reads a project description from the website of The Architects Collective A spokesman of SoLa Impact originally stated that the Vermont Avenue development will be completed in 2023.

More on the SoLa Vermont complex

Sola Impact is also establishing a location in South Los Angeles at 11630-11646 S. Main Street. These three projects are all located in federal Opportunity Zones. This complex would include ten inexpensive flats.

SoLa Impact, created in 2015, is responsible for developing multiple affordable and mixed-income housing projects in South Los Angeles and San Pedro. More than 1,500 affordable flats are in the company’s real estate portfolio. The developer is also collaborating with The Architects Collective on plans for a similar mixed-income building on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Plaza retail centre.

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