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Construction of affordable housing units in Cape Town approved

The City of Cape Town in South Africa has received proposal approval that will pave way for construction of 240 affordable housing units in the town.

The Municipal Planning Tribunal who approved the proposal said that the developments would be located between Strandfontein, Ottery and Boundary roads and would help create a well-defined edge between the urban zone and the rural area known Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA).

“The panel’s decision to approve the  proposal is for the greater good of the local community and also complies with the city of Cape Town’s municipal spatial development framework that requires the city to protect the productive core of the PHA,” said Marian Nieuwoudt, Cape Town mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment.

“We are all aware of the dire need for affordable housing in Cape Town. Approximately 30% of the land in Knole Park is vacant and neglected, making it prone to crime and invasions. These private developments will help put to good use urban vacant land, while at the same time improving the general safety of the local community,” Nieuwoudt added.

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Affordable housing units

Four private sector developments in Philippi township will be set aside for project. The developments will comprise 242 flats in all, located across Knole Park and intended for lower to middle-income households. The site is located close to public transport services and major routes, providing residents with easy access to industrial and commercial areas.

Additionally the developers will be obliged as part of the conditions of approval to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Ottery and Boundary roads to improve traffic flow, to upgrade the gravel surfaces on Koan road and part of Boundary road with asphalt surfaces and install sidewalks along Ottery road, down Boundary road, and along Koan road.



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