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South Africa: Johannesburg Water to spend US $630mn in sewerage network improvement

US$630mn has been allocated by Johannesburg Water for replacement of sections of sewerage networks in Ivory Park Region A. The amount will be spent to improve sections of the sewerage network that are prone to blockages.

The region has been, in the past, facing immense pressure due to increase in population density and other factors. Residences have previously raised concerns on the frequency of blocking and spilling of sewage, something that has been posing an environmental and health hazard.

According to the Planning Manager of Johannesburg Water Networks Victor Chewe, the main objective of the project in the region is to replace and upgrade 5.1km of sewer network in order to improve delivery of service. The undertaking will also help minimize the frequent repairs necessitated on the sewer network.

According to Chewe, the works started on the financial year 2013- 2014 and will see to it that the current sewer pipes are replaced with pipes of bigger diameter to increase the system’s capacity – which will handle the effect of growing population.

Upon completion, it is expected that blockage in Ivory city will reduce from the present 9.1 to 4.05.

Johannesburg Water has also called on residents to stop throwing items in the sewer lines as these are what cause blockage resulting to spillage. The country is also spending US$130mn this fiscal year in upgrading water infrastructure that is in poor state, according to a recent announcement. 


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