South Africa leads pack in adopting green construction

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A new survey by World Green Building Trends 2016 has listed South Africa as one of the leading global performers in green construction. The survey reveals a high percentage of green building projects currently underway in the country.

South Africa has registered the impressive results through commitment. And according to the report by Dodge Data & Analytics and United Technologies on World Green Building Trends 2016, the country’s respondents abide by the fact that green activity so far is just laying the groundwork for an overall shift in the market.

The report also says that if South Africa continues to commit itself to the green building trend, the country will be a leader in the global green market in the next few years.

The report finds that internationally, many companies are expecting their building projects to be certified green by 2018 and this will lead to an increase of 37 percent. Meanwhile respondents in South Africa indicated that 41 percent of their work is already green.

Green Building Council South Africa CEO, Brian Wilkinson says South Africa will continue to outperform with almost two thirds of respondents expecting more than 60 percent of their projects to be green by 2018.

According to the report, South African green building is driven by an acknowledgement that green building is the right way to go, rather by regulatory requirements as seen in international countries such as Australia, UK and Singapore.

Wilkinson adds that this is a testimony to the work being done by the GBCSA.
Founded in 2007, the GBCSA in 2009 certified South Africa’s first green building project. The council certified its 100th building project and to date, it boasts 167 certified projects.

“Green building practices in South Africa are gaining momentum, besides the acknowledgement that Green Star-certified projects are not only world-class and innovative but of great benefit to people,” says Wilkinson.