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South Africa set to open Gorgeous George Hotel

South Africa is set to open a new top-notch hotel dubbed the Gorgeous George Hotel at the outskirts of its city, Cape Town in March this year.

Located on St. Georges Mall, the Gorgeous George Hotel is expected to accommodate all the luxury needs of the entire Cape Town population. The hotel was initially built by the United Buildings Society which gave it an Art Deco as its entrance with a conjoined building with traits of the New Edwardian style of the 1940s.

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The Gorgeous George Hotel

The Gorgeous George Hotel is made up of two restored heritage buildings merged together to form an eclectic, art and design-focused accommodation. The current design of the hotel brings together the architectural plans of all the buildings while allowing for various moods based on the perspective of a viewer. Some windows, for instance, have frames of steel while others are made from oaks, while structures made of concrete and steel incorporated throughout the hotel.

The furniture and decor in the suites and main spaces of the hotel emulates chic downtown Cape Town style. Both the lighting and furniture have been sourced from David Krynauw, Gregor Jenkin, Studio 19, Douglas&Co and Dokter and Misses.

The hotel is located in a well-designated area where guests get access to and from the city, and therefore, its rich heritage is likely to attract both international and local tourists. It also features a rooftop pool, bar and restaurant.

Representation of the rich heritage

Tristan DuPlessis who was behind the designs of the hotel’s interior said that they wanted to use the conjoined building as an impressive representation of the rich heritage of Cape Town, for the creation of a modern hotel while involving designers from South Africa in the same.

The executive chef of this luxurious hotel will be Guy Bennett, who recently helmed Grand Provence in Franschhoek. The hotel will feature Jody Rahme who started his mixology journey in Johannesburg.




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