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South Africa to spend US $140m on new housing

The city of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA) in South Africa has allocated  US $140m for construction of new housing in the next three financial years.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille confirmed the reports and said that US $35m has been budgeted to fund 36 housing developments that are either in the planning phase, progressing or are being finalized for 2018/2019. US $8m of the financial year’s budget will provide access to electricity to more families in the city.

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Acquisition of land

The TDA proposed that US $12m should be spent on acquisition of land and additional  land parcels for future housing projects in the next financial year and hostels in Langa will be allocated US $14m for upgrading.

The houses will be developed on well-located land that is close to jobs, public transport and government services and amenities.8 areas in the south  already have upcoming housing projects while Atlantis Scottsdene, Fisantekraal, , Langa Hangberg, , Salt River and Durbanville areas have been allocated a housing budget.

“Residents that were denied the right to own property can now reclaim that right,” the mayor said. Her leadership was aimed at undoing wrongs previously done during the apartheid and this will be a priority for her county government, Ms. De Lille insisted.

Qualified candidates to benefit from the project will pay US $244 to US $1 043 per month and should be registered on the city’s housing database. If registered, they are advised by TDA to update their personal details often.


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