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Soweto residents to go 58 hours without water supply

Soweto residents living in Zondi and the surrounding areas will be without water for 58 hours. This is following maintenance by the City of Johannesburg from Tuesday 3 October to Thursday 5 October.

The planned interruption will start at 6am on Tuesday and last until 4pm on Thursday. Additionally, it will allow Johannesburg Water to do a tie-in to the existing 1000mm pipeline next to the Zondi reservoir.

According to the city’s authorities, the planned shutdown will take approximately 58 hours. This is to mean that the customers living within the reservoir zone may feel the effects a couple of hours after the commencement of the shutdown. However, those within the tower zone will feel it immediately after the commencement of the shutdown.

However, Johannesburg Water’s Eleonor Mavimbela said 18 Mobile water tankers will be roaming around the affected areas to minimize the effect. Furthermore, Clinics, Shopping Centres and other strategic places will have 14 stationery tankers for the same purpose.

She further offered an apology to the affected residents, urging them to subscribe to their notification service. The service will offer alerts on planned or unplanned service interruptions.

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Water Management

Meanwhile, The City of Cape Town plans to install roughly 2 000 water management devices per week on properties of excessive users. These will serve the purpose of forcing down consumption, according to mayoral committee Xanthea Limberg.

In a statement released earlier on this week, Limberg said the devices will only allow water consumption of 350l per day on the pre-identified properties. In August, the City of Cape Town introduced level 5 water restrictions which seek to limit individual water consumption to 87l per day.




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