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South Loop Link Project to be Developed in Kansas city

Kansas City officials have revealed plans for a $160 million South Loop Link project, which will create a deck over a four-block-long section, along Interstate 670 from Wyandotte Street to Grand Boulevard. The project is intended to redevelop the sunken freeway built in the 1960s, which now creates a divide between the midtown and downtown areas.

The proposed deck for the South Loop Link project will have the design of a park, consisting of several playgrounds and paths, straddling the I-670 freeway between vehicle bridges. This will provide a new outdoor amenity for the downtown region, with added green infrastructure and trees, to help minimize the environmental impacts of the highway below.

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Other planned developments for the project include a green mobility hub, healthy living space, dog parks, arts and amphitheatre programming, and other provisions for social engagement opportunities.

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Funding for the South Loop Link project

The City of Kansas has partnered with the Downtown Council of Kansas City to apply for state and federal funding to cover the construction costs of the South Loop Link project, the engineering and design phase of which is still underway and expected to take between 12 to 18 months to be completed.

This initial phase could cost anywhere between $2million and $4million and has already been paid for by local property owners and other stakeholders. Loews Hotels & Co., has also offered financial support for planning the project. 

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