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Springbank dam construction to be announced soon, Ottawa

The construction of the Springbank Dam is due to be announced in the near future by the Ottawa Provincial Government. After several years of negotiations, the owners have found a partner to reach an agreement with the province that the land needs for the construction of the Springbank dry dam and that construction will begin next spring. If no agreements are made, the province could begin expropriating the land. Transport Minister Rajan Sawhney said so; “The schedule is very tight. If not (it happens) there is an option of expropriation, but that is not our first option, I can say that the province has been very faithfully and competently committed and will undertake to ensure that their voices are heard.”

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Up to 44 percent of the land needed for the huge project has been acquired by the province, Sawhney said, while a department official said four families are still being downsized in the summer of 2013, causing more than CAD$5 caused billions in damage and killed five people by draining water from the Elbow River, storing it in a reservoir, and releasing it when the threat ended.

The cost of the Ottawa Springbank dam project has risen from an initial CAD$200 million to CAD$432 million and could still continue to rise “It is difficult to say what this final number will be, it will depend on the negotiations (of land) we have and what the construction contracts will look like,” added the minister. The federal government said Tuesday that it also completed CAD$168.5 million in funding for the dam construction, a move that will help pave the way for construction. Assigned in 2019, but passing a state environmental review releases that money.


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