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Swartland Municipality to upgrade Moorreesburg wastewater treatment

Anton Bredell, the Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Minister of the Western Cape local government, announced the renovation of the Moorreesburg wastewater treatment facilities in the Swartland municipality. The project is said to cost R122 million and is estimated to be completed by January 2023. It is one of Moorreesburg’s most significant capital projects and an addition to the list of upcoming projects the municipality has invested in.

According to Bredell, the new facility will replace the old one, built in 1975 and nearing the end of its useful life. He notes that this improvement and development infrastructure is vital in guaranteeing that the locals have access to high-quality fundamental services. The new facility can produce 1.5 million litres of water each day and will employ a technique known as a denitrifying activated sludge system, which will incorporate a mechanical dehydration device. This new system will be launched and deployed globally soon, according to the team’s estimates.

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In addition to the Moorreesburg wastewater treatment, the Western Cape government has also announced the construction of a new high school in the area for the year 2022. This is in addition to the SANRAL significant road enhancements planned for the N7 motorway in the vicinity this year. The project’s primary goals are to renovate the road’s surface, enlarge it in critical locations, and upgrade strategic crossings along the route.

These improvements are essential for the agricultural industry since they ensure the safe and dependable transportation of commodities to and from the region’s fields. The minister eagerly reported that these initiatives would help create jobs in the area and demonstrate the municipality’s continuous efforts to keep its municipality economically viable and desirable for investment and growth.

The minister also emphasises the need for local authorities to plan and strengthen collaboration with partners. This includes the national and provincial governments and will help ensure a better life for all region’s residents.

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