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Construction of Nyerere school of ideology in Tanzania on track

Construction works of Nyerere school of ideology in Tanzania is on track. Chama Cha Mapinduzi secretary-general Pereira Ame Silima announced the report and said that the project is ahead of schedule.

The project is being funded by the Chinese government through the Communist Party of China (CPC), CCM and five southern Africa liberation parties, namely ANC (South Africa), Swapo (Namibia), MPLA (Angola), Zanu-PF (Zimbabwe) and Frelimo (Mozambique) at a cost of US $50m.

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Nyerere school of ideology

The facility is set serve as the headquarters of former liberation movements (FLMs) who are the headquarters of former liberation movements (FLMs).

“The project is at 49% completion. The speed of the construction and the quality of the buildings is very good. The draft curriculum and organisational structure of the school have been put in place,” said Pereira Ame Silima.

“Curriculum and software of the school was first priority in the lists. According to our schedule, the draft curriculum and the software of the school are expected to be completed by the end of November this year. Board members to represent the party at the headquarters have also been appointed by the Zanu-PF,” he added.

President Magufuli, who is the CCM chairman,commended the secretaries-general for naming the school after the late father of the nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, saying the decision was aimed at honouring the country’s contribution to the liberation struggle. He further added that the school should consider providing education beyond politics.

“Let’s consider widening the school’s education boundaries by providing education on development and strategic studies. Apart from leadership and ideological studies, secretaries-general from the six political parties should consider development issues.” The facility is expected to be complete by June 2020.

“There is no reason for delaying the implementation of the project, while funds are available. The contractor should also use manpower from Kibaha to enable local residents to benefit from the project,” he added.




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