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US $22m Mbezi Bus Terminal project in Tanzania 70% complete

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

The new modern upcountry Mbezi Bus Terminal project being constructed at Mbezi Luis on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam at a cost of US $22m is now 70% complete. The project is being undertaken in 2 phases and when completed will be able to accommodate over 3000 buses a day.

The Modern Mbezi Bus Terminal will be bigger and spacious therefore eliminating congestion completely. Commuters and traders will also benefit greatly due to the high number of buses that the terminal will serve.

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Modern Mbezi Bus Terminal

The Mbezi Bus Terminal project which will be carried out in two phases will serve 700 buses on a daily basis. Upcountry buses currently using the Ubongo Bus Terminal (UBT) will also be relocated to the new terminal.

Phase one of the project will take one and a half year where else phase two will commence afterwards with construction of hotels and shopping malls. The City Council Director added that 67 residents have already been compensated to the tune of US $4m and evaluation is being out on the remaining eligible residents to facilitate prompt compensation.

“This upcoming bus terminal will be very modern so Dar er Salam residents and those living in neighborhood region will greatly benefit from its services and also change their financial fortunes. Both government and local authorities are optimistic that the overall benefits of the project far much outweighs the cost


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