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Mega housing construction project in Tanzania opened

National Housing Corporation (NHC) has launched a mega housing construction project in Tanzania.

The construction project dabbed Morocco Square Towers in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam, has been  taunted as the biggest housing project in East and Central Africa.

The  Morocco Square Towers was launched by Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Ms Angela Kairuki.

NHC Director General, Mr. Nehemia Mchechu, confirmed the reports and said that the mega housing construction project in Tanzania will provide space for multiple and local businesses, residential, Hotels, Cinema Halls and shopping malls.

“The Morocco Square consists of three blocks including a shopping Mall which is bigger than the current Mliman City,” he said, adding that the Shopping Mall at the Morocco Square consists of 20,000 square Metres bigger than Mliman City that occupies 18 square metres.

Banks, chain of stores, supermarkets and shops, movie theatres, kid’s grounds and food courts, among others will be constituted in the shopping mall.

The Corporation is in discussion with the Tanzanian government to construct a bridge at the Square that will lead to easy movement of business people, customers and other people.

Some of the roles of NHC are to undertake the construction of houses for sale, construction of buildings as part of approved scheme, provision of facilitating the provision of building materials, components, concrete article and other related articles among others.

The construction of the project cost an approximate amount of US$ 70m.


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