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Newly constructed 55MW solar power project in Tanzania commissioned

The newly constructed 55MW solar power project in Tanzania has been commissioned. The project was launched at University of Dodoma (UDOM) in Tanzania with an in tension of making the institution  one of Africa’s leading universities using renewable energy.

The project which is done in partnership with Ohio State University‘s (OSU) and UDOM will eventually establish itself as a global centre of excellence in renewable energy and sustainability.

Marty Kress, Head of Ohio State University’s (OSU) Global Water Institute confirmed the reports and said that the project upon completion will boost availability of electricity at the university and the region at large.

“The OSU is honored to partner with the UDOM to make the new School of Renewable Energy a reality. This transformational educational program will train the workforce of tomorrow, stimulate the growth of new firms and businesses, enable the transition of renewable energy systems to rural Tanzania, and open the door to collaborative research projects between both schools,” he said.

The new solar power project in Tanzania will have a substantial positive impact on delivery of clean water to the university and rural parts of the country.

“Solar-powered water pumps can provide clean water and improve health and sanitation for millions of Tanzanian,” he added.

OSU has committed itself to retrofit 125 village water well systems in partnership with UDOM. UDOM Vice Chancellor, Prof Idris Kikula said the power project will help reduce the cost of power as the institution currently spends US$67,879 on electricity alone.


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