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Supporting infrastructure for Stiegler’s project nears completion

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Construction works on supporting infrastructure for the proposed 2100MW Stiegler’s Gorge hydroelectric in Tanzania nears completion;This will signify the beginning of construction of the reservoir dam and main project.

Energy Minister in Dodoma Medard Kalemani, confirmed the reports and said that special committee that was set up to supervise implementation of the supporting infrastructure works, have reported to have completed most the construction works while the remaining are in the final stages.

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“Infrastructures such as the MsamvuPangawe and Dakawa-Selous power transmission line, the Pangawe power substation and water supply facilities have already been constructed while the rest are in the final touches of completion,” said Energy Minister Medard Kalemani.

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Stiegler’s Gorge hydroelectric plant project

The 2,100MW Stiegler’s Gorge hydroelectric plant project has been for a long time considered by the government for established since 1960. It will have nine vertical Francis turbines units with a capacity range of 200MW to 300MW and a power generation capacity of 1,200MW for each turbine.

A 134-meter-high and 1,200 kilometer squared concrete dam that can hold approximately hold 34 billion cubic meters of water with a 100km long water reservoir, will also be constructed. An Egyptian state-owned contractor and Arab Contractors, were chosen to design and build a 2.1GW power dam on the Rufiji river and a switch yard of 400kV.

Commissioning of the project is expected to take place in 2021. The project will be undertaken by the Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO).

Juma Iddi, the Project Execution Committee Chairman said that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report stated that the hydro-power project will have recoverable effects, thereby confirming the government’s intention to start construction works.

Upon completion, the hydro-power plant will be largest power station in Tanzania that will have a gross output of 5,920GWh doubling the country’s power generation capacity.


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