Tanzania to construct US$7b railway line from Dar to Burundi

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The government of Tanzania has made strategic plans to construct a railway line from Dar-es-Salaam to Mwanza, linking central regions up to Burundi via Isaka.

This statement was made by the Prime Minister of Tanzania Mizengo Pinda, who also added that the rail will be a standard gauge railway that will help curb the frequent costs of repairs made to the existing railway line. The line will run from Tabora to Kigoma and Tabora to Mwanza, including some parts of Kailua region to Mpanda.

The project is expected to roll out in December this year and to be completed in the next four years at a cost of US$7b. The old railway line will continue to be used as the new one is being constructed.
The Prime Minister was on an official visit to the UK and the news was made while addressing the Tanzanians living in London. He urged the Tanzanians living in the Diaspora to be keen on investment forums that touch on Tanzania so that they are able to take opportunity of the investment opportunities available in the country.

Once completed, the railway line will have a uniform design specification which will permit seamless operation across the borders and, in turn, reduce costs. The line will also reduce the number of cargo handlers transporting goods via road, which will in turn reduce the rate of wear and tear of road infrastructure.