Tanzania launches new agency to improve rural roads

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Tanzanian Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has launched the Tanzania Rural-Urban Road Agency (Tarura), which will be used to address rural road challenges. He gave the directive while at The Institute of Rural Development Planning in Dodoma Region.

He noted that, roads under Regional Administration and Local Government (Tamisemi) are the ones propelling the country’s economy, explaining that such roads are supposed to be given a priority.

According to the Prime Minister, the roads had for long looked like ants as some people lacking good ethics, including councilors and directors, would now and then embezzle funds by naming one road more than four times.

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Besides there has been bureaucracies regarding the roads, explaining that most of them have been reconstructed below standard and there was nobody to be hold responsible.

“From now on, I do not expect to see the implementation of roads construction, which is below standard while road renovations being carried out in the same areas, which is something questionable,” said Kassim Majaliwa.

However, the Minister of State in the President’s Office (Tamisemi), Mr George Simbachawene, has requested the Prime Minister to weigh up the allocation of cash from the Roads Fund.The Minister noted that, Tamisemi is getting 30% and the remaining percentage, which is 70%, is allocated for national roads, adding that funds located to Tamisemi are not enough.

Moreover, according to Mr Simbachawene, lack of enough funds was blocking the implementation of Tamisemi’s road construction projects. He also admitted that the management of roads before Tarura is completely unsatisfactory.

AlhajiMussaIyombe, Tamisemi’s Permanent Secretary, said Tarura is now a solution to contractors’ disputes, explaining that the latter have now gotten the right place to present their claims.