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Tanzania sets aside US $81m for Kigoma power project

The government of Tanzania has set aside US $81m to cater for the Kigoma power project with an aim of improving supply, affordability and reliability of electricity in Kigoma region.

Deputy Energy Minister, Subira Mgalu confirmed the reports and said the project construction will include a 132KV transmission line that will connect Kigoma region to the national grid.

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Kigoma power project

The transmission line with a length of 370km, will be implemented through Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO). It will go through Abora – Kidawe – Kigoma – Urambo and Nguruka.

The Deputy Energy Minister added that TANESCO has already conducted a feasibility study for the power project. She said that in line with the county’s 2025, the project will improve social welfare of the people and economic transformation of the people.

Kigoma power project will be funded with the national government, the World Bank and the African Development Bank (AfDB). It will increase electricity access from 16% to 20% by 2024 in the region with over 483,000 households connected.

Tanzania vision 2025

The government of Tanzania started the formulation exercise of developing the 2025 vision in 1995. A team of experts in various sectors in the society were appointed as the planning commission. The vision comprised of 5 objectives: High quality livelihood, Peace, stability and unity, Good governance and a well-educated and learning society.

This vision aims at making Tanzania a middle income country by 2025. It is based on the principle of sustainable development that uses natural resources without compromising the needs of future generations.



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