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Tanzania to benefit from a multi-million water project

Residents of Arusha, Manyara and Kilimanjaro regions in Tanzania is set to benefit from a grand water supply project aimed at at developing a transferable method for efficiently assessing and responding to water challenges facing supply chain stakeholders and smallholders.

John Wanyancha, SBL’s Corporate Relations Director confirmed the reports and said the project dubbed Maji sasa project will develop and implement six modules of support. The modules are set to improve the water security and broader sustainability. They are also set to reduce business, water and climate risks for 70 small to medium sized farm enterprises.

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Regional and global learning

Water Witness International, Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) and Germany Development Agency will jointly implement the project together said to cost half a billion. A study conducted by the stakeholder’s shows that farmers and residents in the area are facing water related risks such as erratic rainfall, drought events, soil and catchment degradation, regulatory non-compliance, conflict, and the inadequacy of water supply, sanitation and water-related infrastructure.

The partnership opportunity will provide regional and global learning and guidance on how water risks facing small-holders and small and medium-size enterprises, including those in supply chains can be systematically and cost-effectively addressed.

Plans are also underway in bringing aboard national academics, civil society groups and farmer support initiatives, including weather related insurance providers are keen to collaborate in partnerships.

The water project was set to benefit a total of 275,900 people in Hanang’, 323,198 people in Arusha and 116,313 people in Siha District.


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