Tanzania to establish a National Infectious Diseases Hospital 

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The government of Tanzania is set to construct a National Infectious Diseases Hospital that will be the only centre which will deal with chronic Tuberculosis B and HIV.

Previously known as the Kibong’oto, the National Tuberculosis (TB) Hospital facility will have a new three storey laboratory. The hospital will be able to provide information to hospitals across the country on how to deal with these diseases. It will also provide training and services related to the infectious diseases.

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Tanzania’s National Infectious Diseases Hospital

“To make sure this is achieved the government is disbursing US $12000- for purchasing medicines in Siha District,” said Kassim Majaliwa the country’s Prime Minister during laying of a foundation stone of the project.

The Head of the hospital, Dr Riziki Kisonga, however noted that there were still lack of funds needed to complete the construction which started in September last year, adding that the construction currently stands at 45% before completion.

“So far we succeeded in getting US $1 out of the needed US $4m for the overall project, if we get the remaining amount, we will be able to complete the construction works by July, 2020 as planned,” added Majaliwa.

Meanwhile, the country is at advance stages of construction of crucial drugs factories in which are meant to help Tanzania reduce its expenditure on imported drugs is at advanced stages

The two pharmaceutical factories, namely, Kariuki and Vista, will have a capacity to produce eight types of syrup medicine. Surgeon medications, antibiotics and paracetamol are among other drugs that will be produced by the factories.