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Tanzania’s president to inaugurate US $45m Tazara Flyover

Tanzania’s President, John Mafuguli is set to inaugurate the Tazara Flyover, 12 days since the overpass was opened for use. According to Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Mr. Paul Makonda, all is set for the official inauguration of the US $45m facility.

“We call on Dar es Salaam residents to be at the Tazara junction on inauguration day, so they can witness the launch of the historic infrastructure project in Tanzania’s history,” he said.

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Addressing traffic congestion

Last month Prime Minister Kassimu Majaliwa visited the site where he said the current government’s plans was to construct seven other flyovers in the city, reiterating the government’s commitment in addressing traffic congestion.

The number includes the Ubungo interchange which is being built as part of the World Bank’s IDA US $225m loan for the Dar es Salaam Urban Transport Improvement Project.

The road, which is expected to reduce traffic by up to 80% as well as numerous accidents, consists of four lanes and includes a 425 meter bridge. It is also expected to increase productivity thus, boosting the country’s economy.

“The construction of Tazara flyover was done with the Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit (Dart) project to Gongo la Mboto from the City Center in mind. The contractor has left enough space that will be used for Dart project which is expected to kick off soon,” he added.


Construction of the flyover commenced in October 2016. The project was fully funded by the Government of Japan through its Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).


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