Zanzibar plans construction of sea bridges linking its islands

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The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar in its ‘new vision 2050, plans the construction of sea bridges to link its main islands i.e. Unguja and Pemba, with its inhabited islets which are Tumbatu, Fundo, Kojani, Kisiwapanza, Kokota, and Makoongwe. The objective of the plan is to increase human activities such as food, fish production, and trade in the islets.

Most of these islands are already connected with electricity from the national grid, tap water, and other essential basic needs but transportation remains a challenge especially during bad weather seasons. People in these regions rely on canoes, dhow boats, and other small vessels for transport.

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Other projects planned under the new vision

According to the Director of Communications in Zanzibar State House, Mr. Hassan Khatib Hasan, there are other projects planned in the new vision for example deep-sea fishing and blue economy projects, construction of a modern stadium, and new playgrounds for sports like table tennis, basketball, and squash.

“Other areas in consideration include the promotion of public-private partnership to leverage private investments, innovative agriculture and agribusiness and harmonization of the ‘Zanzibar Development Vision (ZDV) – 2050 with agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union (AU)’s ‘Agenda 2063- Africa We want,’” mentioned Mr. Hasan.

Additional plans in the new vision

The vision also includes the transformation of Zanzibar into a service-based economy with an improved linkage between innovative tourism and innovative agriculture, fishing, entrepreneurship, digitization, and small and medium enterprises.

Good governance and accountability including integrated public services and legal reforms, Decentralization by devolution (D by D), fighting against corruption and promoting human rights; and the renewable energy sector e.g. solar energy are also an area of focus.

Human capital development, as well as sustainable, innovative, and equitable social services delivery, resource mobilization, and monitoring for traditional and non-traditional donors, environment conservation, and climate change adaptation are a part of the new vision.

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  1. Great feeling of knowing the unified and coordinated development plans of AU, the future growth center of WORLD.
    Suggest the growth should be sustainable and ENVIRONMENT friendly.
    God bless Africa with all success in thier economy and remove poverty

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