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Teesside wind turbine factory under construction in UK.

GE Renewable Energy has got the planning approved for Teesside wind turbine factory, a mammoth factory for manufacturing wind turbine blades. The large 800,000 sq ft development, in Teesworks area South Bank zone will be delivered alongside a new 1km heavy lift quay, offering the UK’s premier site for offshore wind.

Construction is set to begin in October, offering 2,250 jobs while the construction is ongoing. By 2023, the first blade is expected to be manufactured at the factory. The factory will be serving Dogger Bank, the world’s biggest wind farm situated just 80 miles off the North East coast.

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Economic boost.

The Teesside wind turbine factory will be operated by LM Wind Power, which will be responsible for the generation of its offshore wind 107-metre-long turbine blades. These are the main component of GE’s Haliade-X which is the most powerful offshore wind turbine developed today and used at Dogger Bank. Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said: “It’s good news that this huge scheme has passed the planning hurdle and is almost up and to be running by 2023, helping to offer thousands of quality, well-paid jobs for residents across Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool both directly and in the brilliant supply chain businesses.

“We have been working hard to get the site prepared for the amazing Teesside wind turbine factory and now GE Renewable Energy can get the spades in the ground to make it a reality, bringing the much-needed boost to the construction industry as we recover the economy from the coronavirus pandemic. “As Silicon Valley is for social media and tech, I wish Teesside wind turbine factory to be synonymous with clean energy and Net Zero as, and from offshore wind to hydrogen fuels of the future we’re powering forward like no other area in the country.”

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