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Tetouan Sania Ramel Airport in Morocco Set for Expansion

With a single runway that has a length of 2,300 meters, the 100,000 passengers per year Tetouan Sania Ramel Airport serves Tétouan, a city in the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region in Morocco, is set for expansion.

This came into light following the selection of architect Zakaria Errafii by Office National Des Aéroports (ONDA), the Moroccan Airports Authority, to carry out the planning and monitoring of work on the project.

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Zakaria Errafii was selected out of a dozen applicants including Tarik Oualalou, the Youssef Lahkim / Youssef Fassi-Fihri consortium, and Groupe 3 Architects or Kahlaoui et Associés Architectes.

With an estimated budget of close to US$ 12M the Tetouan Sania Ramel Airport expansion project will be a fee rate proposed by the architect and finally retained at 4%.

Scope of the Tetouan Sania Ramel Airport expansion project

The project involves the construction of a passenger terminal on a 5,000-square-meter piece of land. The terminal will host facilities such as a public hall, inspection sections, sorting and baggage delivery area, check-in, customs control, border police, and boarding rooms.

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The project also involves the construction of a control tower that meets the standards of aviation in force, including the technical service guides of airbases, in a bid to ensure the smooth running of flight operations.

As part of its contribution to the project, ONDA will reportedly build a brand new runway for the airport. In addition to the associated infrastructure, the runway project is expected to cost a whopping MAD 285.5 million.

Upon completion, the Tetouan Sania Ramel Airport expansion project is to raise the airport’s hosting capacity from the current 100,000 passengers per year to 300,000 passengers.

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