The construction of 78km Powerline in Burundi launched

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A US$ 36m powerline in Burundi that was constructed to link the capital Bujumbura, from the Ruzizi II hydroelectric dam in Kamanyola at the Democratic Republic of Congo has been launched by Burundi’s Deputy President Dr. Joseph Butore.

The Powerline in Burundi will help the country export surplus electricity to neighboring countries, or import through the regional interconnection lines.

“The project is of paramount importance for Burundi, in terms of social welfare, because energy self-sufficiency contributes significantly to the development of other sectors of national life,” Dr. Butore said.

The Kamanyola-Bujumbura power line is of 78 kilometres and falls under the multinational interconnection of electricity networks of the Great Lakes Region and will be financed by African Development Bank (AfDB) at US$16.8m, by Federal German government at US$18.7m and Burundi government with the amount of US$ 419, 000 of expropriation.

The power line will cross Buganda and Rugombo communes of Cibitoke province, Gihanga commune in Bubanza province and Mutimbuzi commune in Bujumbura province.

An Indian company named Angelique International was constructed to undertake the project and it will take 21 months for it to be completed.

Angelique International Limited sets up projects on total turnkey basis which includes civil construction, feasibility studies, design, engineering, procurement, supply, installation, training and trial runs.

It has a large network of overseas offices spread across Africa, South East Asia, Middle East and SAARC region.