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Thermal energy hybrid plant to be built at Syama gold mine in Mali

A hybrid power plant consisting of thermal units, battery storage and 20 MW of solar arrays is set to be constructed in Syama gold mine in Mali.

Resolute Mining Limited announced the plans and said that the project aims to replace diesel generators at the mine site and will be delivered in two stages. Phase one involves  developing three 10MW thermal energy modular block generators and a 10-MW Y-cube battery storage system. It expected to be completed in 2020 to pave way for phase two works.

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Thermal renewable energy hybrid plant

Phase two works will see construction of 20-MW solar array which is planned for installation on the surface of the existing Syama Tailings Storage Facility (TSF). It is scheduled for completion in 2023. The hybrid power plant has been designed to accommodate four more 10-MW modular block units if needed in the future

Aggreko plc (LON:AGK), a UK-based specialist in off-grid power generation won the contract for the project development. They are to fund and operate the power plant while Finnish technology group Wartsila Corp (HEL:WRT1V) will provide the modular block technology.

Upon completion the new power plant is expected to reduce Syama’s power costs by approximately 40%. It will be an integrated power solution ensuring optimal efficiency, reduced energy costs, and positive environmental outcomes.

“The new hybrid modular power station will deliver cost effective, environmentally friendly, capital efficient power and long-term electricity cost savings of up to 40% while reducing carbon emissions by approximately 20%,” said Resolute Mining Limited MD and CEO, John Welborn.


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