Torch Tower, Japan’s tallest building plans for construction revealed.

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Mitsubishi Estate, the Developers of what will be Japan’s tallest building, has revealed their plans for the skyscraper that is going to be a 390-meters (1,280-foot) and will have 63 flours. The second tallest structure in the country is the Tokyo Skytree that stands at 630-meters (2,080 ft). The Torch, and a second, smaller 212-m (696-foot) Tokiwabashi tower, will be built on a block of land between the Tokyo central station and the Nihonbashi river, close to the center of Tokyo. The Tokiwabashi tower already begins construction back in the early months of 2018 and is expected to be completed by June of 2021.

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Although the project was first announced in 2016, property giant Mitsubishi Estate this month unveiled its new torch-inspired design and revealed the name of the building earlier on. The structure forms part of a wider 31,400-square-meter (338,000-square-foot) urban development. Most of the building’s 63 floors will be dedicated to office space, though shops and restaurants, as well as a 2,000-seat grand hall and a bathhouse, are set to open on the lower floors. The building is expected to begin in 2023 and to be completed in 2027.

The Tokyo Torch will have flexible office space, a 100-room hotel, and a 2,000 seat hall as well as four underground levels, including a pedestrian link between Tokyo Station and Ōtemachi station. There are also plans for two other buildings on the site, all separated by a 7,000sq m plaza and a large koi pond. Mitsubishi said in the naming of the tower, the building was envisaged as a beacon of hope for the future, post-pandemic.

In comparison, both are dwarfed by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa at 828 meters and Saudi Arabia’s under-construction Jeddah Tower at 1,000 meters. The Tokyo towers compare to the Gold Coast’s Q1 at 322 meters and the approved Southbank by Beulah, which will eventually stand at 365 meters in Melbourne.