Tourak? Bridge construction in Cameroon launched

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The government of Cameroon represented by Eloundou Essomba Gaston, the minister of energy and water resources, who’s responsible for developing and implementing the Government’s policy on water and energy production, transportation, and distribution, has launched the construction of the Touraké Bridge over the Lom River.

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The project is part of the implementation of the environmental and social management plan for the Lom Pangar Dam, an embankment dam with a center gravity dam section constructed on the Lom River about 88 kilometers north of Bertoua in the East Region of the Central African Country, and it is intended to boost local economic activity.

Implementation of the project

The 140 meters long infrastructure will be constructed by Razel-Bec, the Public Construction Works Division of the Fayat Group, an independent family group, and France’s 4th largest construction and civil engineering Company.

Estimated to cost a total of close to US$ 16.6m, the project will be financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), a bilateral development finance institution that participates in promoting and financing development throughout the world on behalf of the French government.

According to Electricity Development Corporation (EDC), the state-owned heritage company in the electricity sector, the Touraké Bridge will allow the safe crossing of the Lom River, people, and goods, at any time of the year.

The Lom Pangar Dam

This Lom Pangar Dam project or other the Lom-Pangar Hydroelectric Project comprises the construction of an impounding dam, a 30 MW hydroelectric plant at the foot of the dam.

The hydropower project is expected to supply electric power to the East Region, currently being supplied by a thermal plant. The power will be transmitted via an HV output terminal and a 90/30 HV terminal in Bertoua on a 105.120km electricity transmission line.

The Lom-Pangar Hydroelectric Project is being financed by the AfDB and the Development Bank of Central African States.