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Trans-Gambia Corridor Project phase 2 construction launched

The Gambia, led by President Adama Barrow has laid the foundation stone for the second phase construction of the Trans-Gambia Corridor Project. The work to be undertaken in this Phase includes pavement strengthening works of the 24 kilometers of the Trans-Gambia Highway. It consists of both pavement overlay and rehabilitation works from the border in the South, at Misera, in the Lower River Region to Kerr Ali, in the North Bank Region.

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The objective of the project is to facilitate overland traffic flow between the Northern and Southern parts of The Gambia and Senegal and, by extension, to enhance free movement within the West African region as a whole. This corridor is a component of the Dakar-Gambia-Bissau-Conakry-Trans-West African Highway, which features on the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) program of events. It is also part of the Trans-African Highway, Cairo-Dakar-Lagos.

Contracts for this project

The contracts for this phase of the project were signed in mid-September this year with Arezki Group, a company specializing in civil engineering road works, airports, telecommunications, etc. that constructed the Sene-Gambia Bridge and Tolling Facilities, at a contract fee of close to US$ 11.5M for a contract period of one and a half years. AIC Progetti and TSC Engineering and Construction have been engaged as consultants and will also supervise the works at a contract sum of over US$ 1M.

The project is funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) or “Banque Africaine de Développement” which is a multilateral development finance institution that contributes to poverty reduction and economic and social development in the least developed African countries by providing concessional funding for projects and programs, as well as technical assistance for studies and capacity-building activities. The European Union (EU) is also providing a subsidy for the project through an arrangement with the AfDB.

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