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The first floating solar station in Tunisia has started to operate on a lake next to a Tunis industrial park. The 200-kilowatt project from the French renewable energy company, Qair is meant to serve as a model for larger initiatives around the country.

An executive of Qair, Omar Bey, said, “When we first started, it was Africa’s first project for a floating solar power plant or one that was submerged in the water. Because this initiative is novel, we can use water rather than occupying space that could be used for other purposes like farming or residences.”

He added, “First of all when mounted on a water body, floating solar panels reduce water evaporation. Therefore, the evaporation of water in water-stressed nations like Tunisia definitely enables the dams to maintain higher water reserves.”

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The first floating solar station in Tunisia to increase energy efficiency

Furthermore, utilizing floating solar panels increases energy efficiency while preserving water resources. Tunisia set ambitious goals for renewable energy in 2015. But natural gas made up the majority of the country’s energy mix in 2016 with green energy making up just 2.8%.

The manager of Sater Solar energy company, Hassen Amiri, said, “Tunisia is endowed with a lot of sunshine. In contrast to other places, like the Gulf. Since solar panels can take advantage of both of these factors and the sunshine is good, why not allow everyone to install them. The field floating solar station in Tunisia is evolving and will do so in the future.”

Morocco, Tunisia’s neighbor, is leading in the region. Currently, the nation generates about a fifth of its electricity from clean sources.

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Jul 2020

Tunisia signs power agreement for first floating solar plant

Tunisia has signed an agreement with the French Independent Power Producer (IPP) Qair (formerly Quadran International) under the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) for the construction of what will be Tunisia’s first floating solar photovoltaic power plant. The plant is expected to have a capacity of 200 kWp and will be built in the Berges du Lac district of Tunis on the Lake Banks.

The private sector development fund (FASEP) is going to be in charge of the funding and will support the project. The Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) announced that works on the floating solar photovoltaic power plant will start before the end of the year 2020. The Tunisian Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Energy Transition will supervise the project.

The floating photovoltaic plant is expected to be commissioned on the Lake Banks by the end of 2021, which is the same year Qair is expected to begin construction on a 10 MWp ground-mounted solar power plant in the governorate of Kasserine in central-western Tunisia.