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Construction of Bunyala chiefdom headquarters in Uganda stalls

The construction of US $593,516 Bunyala chiefdom headquarters in Kayunga District of Uganda has stalled due to inadequate funds, officials have said. According to the chiefdom premier Mr. Martin Ssenkatuuka the project has not gotten any money from donors or well-wishers to complete the development.

“We have been trying to source funds from well-wishers and donors but we haven’t succeeded yet,” he said. “The project needs to be completed on time because we lack an official premise to discharge our official duties for the chiefdom,” he added.

The headquarters

The project which is currently at the window level was commissioned by The Ssabanyala, Maj Baker Kimeze in 2017 at Bbaale Sub-county. According to Mr. Ssemkatuuka, the building will host offices of the Ssabanyala, television and radio stations, ministers, a hall among other facilities. Currently, the Ssabanyala and his cabinet discharge their official duties at Ssabanyala Nathan Mpagi’s home at Kyerima Village in Kitimbwa Sub-county.

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Moreover, Chiefdom spokesperson Mr. James Rwebikire expressed fears that the project would not commence any time soon. “We hope to resume construction works soon and we also expect President Museveni to donate some funds towards the project when he attends the Ssabanyala’s coronation anniversary,’’ said Rwebikire.

However, Mengo government officials in Bbaale Sub-county have advised the Bunyala officials not to proceed with the project claiming that the land being used was not acquired in the right manner. Mr. Ssenkatuuka on his side defended the project saying that they acquired the land in the right procedure and that if Mengo officials feel their land was trespassed then they should take the issue to the court of law.

Bbaale Sub-county headquarters is one of the former Buganda administration units in Kayunga District. In addition, the Banyala say they were given the land after signing a memorandum of understanding between Buganda and the Central government.


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