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Construction of Majanji-Busia Road nears completion

Construction works of the Majanji-Busia Road, which is an alternative route connecting Musita Trading Centre on Jinja-Iganga Highway to Busia Town on the Uganda-Kenya border through Mayuge District nears completion.

Charles Bereket, Highway Engineer for MBW Consulting Engineering Center, announced the reports and said that the project is 80% and is expected to be complete in seven months.

“October 17 is the hand over date and we hope to have completed before that. Traders will in return have another option through which to transport their goods,” said Charles Bereket.

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Majanji-Busia Road

Works on the 104km road began on September 15 2014, after signing of the contract on June 13, 2014 the same year. However, the contract was terminated in June 12, 2017 due to several challenges attributed to mobilization and capacity experienced by the contractor.

The road which will have a 15-year-lifeline initially cost US $2.06m but increased to US 2.08m. The increase in cost was attributed to design reviews which are yet to be approved by Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)

Responding to delayed compensation, the UNRA said that some Project Affect Persons (PAPS) declined offers made by the chief government valuer, prompting a longer compensation process than they had anticipated.

The authority however affirmed that the payments are expected to come through in the next two months, subject to the PAPS consent. The project has faced theft challenges by suffering multiple thefts of fuel, protection gear and equipment’s on site due to a large workforce.

“Those who rejected the first evaluation will be placed on the supplementary evaluation report after we conduct  reevaluation,” said UNRA Project Manager Mr Peter Kwiri.


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