Contract signed for construction of Kira-Matugga road in Uganda

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The government of Uganda through the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has signed a contract for the construction of the Kira-Matugga road which starts at Kyaliwajjala junction running westwards through Kira, crossing the Kampala-Gayaza road at Kasangati in Wakiso district and terminating at Matugga on the Kampala-Bombo Highway.

The contract was signed with representatives from Chinese Chongqing International Construction Corporation (CICO) at UNRA’s head offices in Kampala, the capital city of the East African country. According to Allen Kagina, UNRA executive director, the project is expected to begin before the end of this year.

The scope of the construction works

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The construction works of the 16km Kira-Matugga road will include the building of a dual carriageway between Kira and Kyaliwajjala, upgrading Matugga, installation of traffic lights on Kira, Kasangati, and Kyaliwajjala junctions as well as the improvement of Erisa, Mpererwe, Kyanja, Gayaza, and Kasangati junctions on the Kampala-Gayaza stretch.

The project will also involve the provision of a two-meter segregated walkway and another two-meter bicycle lane on each side of the road, in addition to the construction of bicycle racks and bodaboda stages at each of the signalized junctions between Kyaliwajjala and Matugga.

“This will be the first urban road to have segregated pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes which will enhance the safety of the pedestrians and cyclists,” says the UNRA executive director.

Furthermore, the road will be installed with a solar power lighting system.

Other contracts signed alongside the Kira-Matugga roads

The UNRA also signed two other contracts with China State Construction Engineering Corporation and CICO for the construction of the 11km Najjanankumbi-Busaabala roads and the rehabilitation of 7.3km of Masaka city roads.

Fully funded by the government of Uganda under the National Road Development and Maintenance Programme (NRDMP) Budget, the Najjanankumbi-Busaabala road project and the Masaka city roads project are estimated to cost about sh258.8b and sh35.9b respectively.

The Kira-Matugga road project will cost sh200.3b or its whereabouts.

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