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Feradon Associates is a consulting engineering firm with offices registered in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda.

The firm is backed by qualified engineers with extensive training and experience and therefore brings to the Consulting fraternity a wealth of expertise and professionalism.

Feradon Associates is fully equipped with all the modern telecommunications equipment, state-of-of-the-art energy monitoring equipment and, above all, very highly professional and dedicated manpower.


Consulting Services Offered

Feradon Associates offers broad based Consulting Services in the following:
Feasibility Studies
This entails assisting prospective investors in identification and verification of viable investment and development projects.

Pre-construction Services
Feradon Associates advises owners in negotiation and preparation of construction and professional contracts.

Contract Administration/Management Services
This involves:

–          Management of pre-construction tests and investigations

–          Cost control and financial Administration of contracts

–          Establishing performance times, design and construction programmes.

–          Establishing costs of labour, materials and supplies to be included in the facilities.

–          Offering alternative solution whenever design details are found to adversely affect construction feasibility and cost programmes established by the owner’s requirements.

Energy Management and Utilization
This involves monitoring energy utilization in all types of occupancies with detailed reports on savings and conservation.

The firm carries out surveys of existing services, reporting on necessary improvements and providing for solutions to malfunctioning or unsatisfactory performance on installations.


Mechanical/Industrial Engineering
This includes internal plumbing and drainage, water reticulation,
steam services, air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation, refrigeration, kitchen and laundry services, Industrial energy conservation and improvement of efficiency of industrial equipment and fire fighting.


Other services include:

– Environmental, Health and Safety Management
– Electrical/Electronic Engineering
– Telecommunication/Data Communication/Computer Networking


Some notable projects handled
Feradon has been involved in numerous projects over the years. The following are a few of them:

NHIF Building

–          Feradon were the consulting engineers responsible for design, supervision, testing and certification of structured LAN/WAN cabling.

Kenya Parliament

–          The firm designed and supervised the installation of electronic voting system within the debating chambers.

Communication Authority of Kenya Headquarters

–           Feradon were once again the consulting engineers responsible for design, supervision, testing and certification of structured LAN/WAN cabling.

Cooperative Bank House

–          After this building was affected by a bomb blast in 1998, Feradon were involved in its rehabilitation.

In addition, the firm has been contracted on numerous other projects across the board including residential, health, hospitality, banking, education and commercial segments.